About Us

Community Grounds provides a needed sober third space for the area we call home. Along with a variety of coffee, tea and food selections, the space will host events, classes, and special event rental opportunities. As the landscape of our neighborhood continues experiencing rapid changes, we are committed to remaining a business space where our neighbors, whose families have called Ganthers Place home for generations before we bought our own home, continue to feel safe and welcome. For years, it’s been Tara and Joel’s dream to open a community gathering place where people can meet, share ideas and work together to make the South Side the best it can be.

Colleen, a social worker who also lives and works in the neighborhood, dreamed of support groups, having often thought, “I’ve always wished there was an AA for people who aren’t alcoholics. A place to check in, to listen and be listened to.” We were also inspired by a friend, whose head went straight to music, “I came into music in a scene built by people who were under 21. We couldn’t play at bars and clubs, so we played in churches, and our parents’ basements. To have a permanent space for shows that did not rely on alcohol sales to stay open would be fantastic.”

So that’s Community Grounds, a place to gather, and host the kinds of events we dream of, but more importantly the kind of events YOU dream of. There’s a reason the place is called Community Grounds, and a reason the website is mycommunitygrounds.com. Tell us what you want to do here, we can do more together than any of us could alone. We appreciate everyone’s support! Thank you everyone, Joel Cosme, Jr. & Tara Mullins-Cosme